23 Printing Centers
  • Hyderabad
  • Vishakapatnam
  • Vijayawada
  • Tirupati
  • Anantapur
  • Karimnagar
  • Rajahmundry
  • Suryapet
  • Guntur
  • Nellore
  • Srikakulam
  • Kurnool
  • Tadepalligudem
  • Warangal
  • Kadapa
  • Nizamabad
  • Khammam
  • Ongole
  • Mahaboobnagar
  • Chennai
  • Banglore
  • Mumbai
  • Delhi
Eenadu ensures that the Telugu reader in these places will now receive the latest news at the crack of dawn. With a special focus on local news coverage.
Eenadu History

People's VOICE - speaking with every SUNRISE

Before Eenadu and after Eenadu. Two phases in language news publishing. Eenadu was born out of an inherent need of Telugus for a newspaper in their own language - best reflecting their nuances, their concerns, their views. Today the newspaper of the telegus is Eenadu.

More households in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana wake up to the Eenadu than any other news daily. The largest Circulated Telugu Daily, it enjoys a circulation of  18,07,581 copies (ABC July - December 2015) per day and is published simultaneously from 23 printing centers. Making it one of the largest circulated newspaper in the country.

Awake, arise, history is at your doorstep!
On 10th August 1974, it all began. Eenadu was launched in Visakhapatnam and a new chapter in newspaper publishing and journalism was heralded in. It was a moment etched forever in memory, for the Telugus.

Telugu and Telugus are dear to us

Eenadu was conceived for Telugus. A newspaper which provided the latest news and best reflected their needs. From the first day to now, for Telugus there are two distinct phases in their lives - before Eenadu and after Eenadu.

Early come, early read, early Eenadu

Before the first rays of the sun kissed the night away, Eenadu was there. Telugu newspaper readers in Visakhapatnam and the neighboring districts got the latest news, the earliest.....

The Common man, Eenadu's uncommon focus

The common man is Eenadu's hero. His news, his needs are paramount in importance. Whether it is village news, local news, infact important city news, Eenadu brings it to his doorstep. And in spoken Telugu, in an idiom best understood by him.

For investigative journalism we said Naandi

The very concept of 'investigative journalism' entered the vocabulary of the Telugu reader via Eenadu. First to introduce this concept, it was Eenadu's pioneering strides to investigate and report that gave news wholesomeness and depth.

Triumphantly into Hyderabad

16 months after the Vizag edition, the signs of times pointed to Hyderabad. And so it was that in 1975 on Dec. 17th, Eenadu gave a new ray of hope and expectation to newspaper readers. At last, here was a newspaper that Telugus in Hyderabad could call their very own.....

Everything Eeandu touches, it changes

And what a change the complete distribution of a newspaper saw with Eenadu. To reach the remotest places, Eenadu deployed its own vehicles. What's more, any one who was motivated enough to give the Telugus a path breaking
newspaper was enrolled as an agent. Those who were ready to distribute even less than 10 copies were welcomed. In some places where buses don't reach, Eenadu does! 26,000 villages, all the towns and cities of AP, select regions outside the state - all covered through 8,500 agents, 362 days a year!

Vijayawada's call for Eenadu to be victorious

As the river Krishna gently flowed by, on the eventful day of May 1st, 1978, Eenadu entered Vijayawada. With this step came another 'first' - a newspaper getting simultaneously published from three places, Eenadu from Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad and Vijayawada. 

No.1, always an Eenadu number

All it took was four years for Eenadu to become the No.1 daily newspaper in (erstwhile)Andhra Pradesh. The secret to being on the top, is Eenadu's love for Telugus and Telugu. Their aspirations, their causes, their language are Eenadu's inspiration and path to pre-eminence.

My district, my news, my newspaper

Recognizing this latent need, Eenadu brought in a product innovation - for every district its own newspaper. The district's news, events, views were given the importance they richly deserved. Thus were born 30 district, city newspapers in a multicolor tabloid form. Such a landmark change was for the first time in the world.

First into Rayalaseema, first with fresh news

Rayalaseema Telugu readers never looked back after June, 20th 1982. On this momentous day, Eenadu's Tirupati edition entered their lives with fresh news and in their spoken language.

Coming home to Telangana

Eenadu Karimnagar edition was launched in 1992. With this
Karimnagar and the surrounding districts got the latest news. Without
waiting or needing to depend on the newspaper to come from Hyderabad city.

Classifieds in every district, a class creation

With Eenadu, classifieds no longer remained confined to major cities. A unique product innovation, readers in most districts got their very own classifieds column. An 'Eenadu feature' that benefited them like never before.

Sunday is Eenadu day !

Sundays got transformed and a stir was created with the never before
Eenadu Aadivaram. A special Sunday magazine, specially created for the Telugu readers. Eenadu Aadivaram was a 32 page magazine with 16 colour pages. Wholesome, entertaining and informative. A cover story for the weekend, articles and views that best reflected Telugu tastes. Uncommon and unusual people, events, anecdotes were also Aadivaram's forte. And the icing was of course Aadivaram becoming a springboard for story writers.

A tribute to womanhood

In september 1992, Vasundhara, a separate section came into women's
lives. With a goal to mi